Tilting at Windmills


In La Mancha

In La Mancha

I studied Cervantes Don Quixote as a teenager in Missouri.  At that time, Franco was the dictator of Spain and I was sure I would never actually see the La Mancha plains or the famous “gigantes” de La Mancha.  Sitting under those windmills with my son who is living and studying in Spain and who has far surpassed my Spanish speaking ability, made me realize the power of great literature to provide the spark of inspiration.  Now these wonderful windmills are the symbol of my own personal struggle against the gigantes that life has put in my path. I did, in fact, continue my love of the Spanish language and culture.  I have travelled in Spain and now this language and culture is providing inspiration and life experience to my son.  Donde está mi caballo, Rosinante?


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