Election as Transformation

There is a lot at stake in the U.S. Presidential election.  John McCain and Barack Obama are both good men who sincerely want to serve their country, but I feel that we must elect Barack Obama. Following his election we have to reach out to the bitter McCain supporters to convince them to work together under Obama’s leadership to bring about the transformation that this country so desperately needs.

We need to fundamentally change our very way of life as individuals, communities and as a nation if we are to continue to offer the world’s best hope for the future as we have in the past 100 years.  We need creativity, innovation and compassion to recreate our nation and revitalize its legacy.  Our prosperity has been our greatest challenge as it has turned us into a consumer democracy that has diverted our focus inward instead of causing us to see ourselves as part of a community, a state, a nation and an entire world.

I believe that Barack Obama can be the transformational leader that we need.  His very existence as a combination of races and cultures is a metaphor for his potential to lead this transformation.  His steady and thoughtful demeanor can stop the cycle of drama that has been our political scene for the last 25 years or more that has been fueled by a media turned into an entertainment infomercial selling us consumer products and services we don’t need. He is both intelligent and compassionate. He is our last best hope.

Obama will face many challenges. His most urgent goal must be to bring the country together in a way that both challenges and empowers individuals to commit to the greater good.  That may mean we can’t buy as many things, or use as much gasoline, or eat as many unhealthy foods.  And it doesn’t have to feel like deprivation.  Personally, I will rely on my wonderful background in the arts that has fed my creativity and my soul.  We all need to find our own personal hook and start being part of the solution.

Let’s do the right thing for once!



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