Snow Day in NYC

Snow Day in New York

Snow Day in New York

What do F. Scott Fizgerald, a lucky peach, Brad Pitt, a wall of graffiti and a barb-b-que pork sandwich have in common?  A SNOW DAY in New York!  The Weather Channel had dubbed it the Megastorm Monday. And though it was only a moderate nor-easter at best, it provided a window of opportunity to get out of our “box.”  My husband Bob closed his dental office for the day and we decided to explore some new places in the City.

Momofuku Ssam Bar was only one express subway ride and several snowy blocks away.  Our foodie friend Roger kept telling us we just had to try it.  This seemed like a good day to venture out.  The little, sleek Second Avenue incarnation of the Momofuku restaurant dynasty was just getting started and we quickly found a sunny corner table near the Second Avenue entrance.  We worked our way through several interesting brews including a “French style” DuPage from Illinois that went well with our steamed pork buns, raw wild striped bass, barb-b-que pork sandwich, frizzled Brussels sprouts and spicy rice cake with sausage.  The combination of great ingredients and creative preparation doesn’t get much better than this. We finished it off with a shared blondie pie and a bottle of Anchor Steam.

Fully sated, we set out to explore Second Avenue and quickly came across Village East Cinema who had conveniently arranged a 3:30 pm nearly private screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the Hollywood adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald 1921 short story.  The movie start time allowed us a half-hour stroll on Second Avenue where we mourned the closing of Love Saves the Day where I had once found a remarkable beaded dress for $15 and my kids aquired much of their Star Wars collection. I found my initials made out of tin cans at Anthropologie to hand in my home studio.  Then back to the movie.  I marveled at  the brilliant transition of the setting from Baltimore to New Orleans with the ties to Hurricane Katrina.  The cast was brilliant. It was a beautiful movie in every aspect.

Amazing what the snowglobe of New York can produce when it is turned upside down.


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